Attention! – fundraising for saving life – “I am afraid of suffering when the disease takes my breath away!” 


Zuzia fights for life! 


Situation is very dramatic! Zuza is running out of her drugs and her breath runs out. Without drugs, at this stage of Cystic Fibrosis, death will take Zuzia soon!

This disease is exceptionally cruel – CF makes her breath shallower every day and makes life shorter. Without treatment, the patient has no chance, because his lungs are flooded with destructive mucus!

Zuzia actually has only one lung left, her constant cough reminds her that she will lose without this drug!


Zuzia is 14 – according to statistics she already lived half of her life – the better half. Without drugs she will be dying in agony! What will happen when the money runs out? Zuzia did not get into the drug manufacturer’s program. So, she has to pay for it! The annual treatment is over one million zł ( 250.000 $)– this is the price for her life! Let’s help her win! Her life cannot just end!


Collection description: 


Zuzia is taking drugs that are running out – the treatment cannot be stopped! HELP! I am only 14! I cannot stop the treatment! I need this miraculous drugs to live!

We have to raise money, for at least 3 years!!! The monthly cost of Zuzia’s life is 80,000 zł (20.000$) ! We are running out of money collected thanks to you from the previous collection at a terrifying pace! We have at most four months to raise the necessary amount and don’t stop the treatment, because Cystic Fibrosis will come back and kill Zuzia! Thanks to You Zuzia avoided death, because Poland still does not cover treatment costs.


Hi here’s your Zuzia. I am only 14. Thanks to Cystic Fibrosis you got to know me and you helped me, but i hope that there are still many of you who would like to meet me and help me. I suffer from Cystic Fibrosis – disease that suffocates me. If it weren’t for that, you wouldn’t know me and I wouldn’t have to ask you for help. Thanks to YOU, for several months now, I have been taking a miracle cure. It has improved my health significantly.


The drug that made me what it means to live like a normal teenager, not choking with mucus and not to go to the hospital all the time. Many of you will think : “It’s great so why you bother us again?”. Well, the problem is that this miraculous drug is not only that incredible, incredibly expensive, but also I have to take it for the rest of my life! If I run out of it, Cystic Fibrosis will come back with a double strength and hospital will become my home permanently, for a short time, because behind the hospital doors there is only death for me!

“Mum, I am not afraid of death, only that when I open this box, the pills will not be there!”. I would like to be a young mother – says Zuzia to his father on the way back from the dentist – when I will be 20 or 21… Why so early?  Because I may not have more time!” This drugs, for me, represents love, happiness, breath, meetings with friends, less time spent in hospital, family, children, old age. The truth is that if you don’t help me again, none of these dreams will come true. 

Cystic fibrosis is coming for me! My family cannot afford these drugs. Without them, I will be living in the hospital again, choking with my own mucus and be afraid of every day that will be given to me. 

I am only 14! Thanks to YOU and these miraculous drugs I – Your Zuzia – gained 10 kg, my chlorides in sweat dropped from a very high level (72 mmol/l) to a level of a healthy person (19 mmol/l). I used to take about 50 pills a day – now I only take 20. I was hospitalized 4-6 times a year – now it’s 1 or 2 times. I avoided, or rather it was postponed, lobectomy (removal) of the dead part of the lung. 

Thanks to YOU I have a chance to my 18th birthday, dream about graduating high school, going to university, falling in love, meeting my first love… Maybe someone will love me… even though I am terminally ill. I am counting on you! You haven’t disappointed me once and it makes me feel alive! Don’t let me die so young!

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